Our extensive range of experience spans a wide variety of planning application types including residential, student accommodation, logistics and warehousing, data centres, strategic infrastructure developments, energy projects, office developments, hotels, retail development , education and mixed-use urban regeneration.

We provide the following range of planning consultancy services to our clients:


JSA, with experience in the Irish planning system over three decades, have significant experience in providing planning advice on a wide variety of planning projects throughout Ireland.

Our multidisciplinary knowledge, strategic approach, and understanding of the planning system, help to deliver the best results for our clients.

JSA undertakes planning appraisals on behalf of property owners, prospective purchasers, and lending institutions, to ascertain the planning situation and future development potential of land, regularly working with clients and their design team in the preparation of feasibility studies for lands.

JSA provide a wide range of planning consultancy and development services to our clients,we have particular expertise and experience in the preparation, co-ordination and lodgement of planning applications.

We have extensive experience of working as key members of multi-disciplinary project design teams, with a focus on achieving client objectives. We provide a project coordination, planning strategy, and expert advice role on each planning application we are involved in.

We have strong working relationships with local authorities and we are committed to delivering the optimum solutions for each client’s planning needs.

John Spain Associates have considerable experience in the residential sector from advising on planning strategy, to leading on planning applications for small, medium and large-scale residential developments. We work closely with a wide range of architectural, engineering and environmental practices and can provide advice on master-planning, urban design and all relevant government guidance relating to residential development.

JSA’s role in these applications involves the preparation of pre-planning application and planning application documentation, attendance at meetings, preparation of social and community infrastructure assessments, response to pre-application opinions, preparation of EIARs, and the preparation of expert planning reports and statements of consistency.

JSA have a significant level of experience in the successful coordination and submission applications for large-scale warehousing, logistics, data centre, and other types of industrial development for a range of clients.

JSA also have expertise in the coordination and submission of applications for electricity infrastructure (≥ 110kV) associated with power generation and data centre developments (comprising Strategic Infrastructure Development), which are submitted directly to An Bord Pleanála.

JSA have experience in the preparation of successful applications for large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS), and energy centres to serve industrial developments and to support the stability of the national grid.

JSA have considerable experience in preparing, managing, and coordinating environmental impact assessment reports (EIAR), working closely with a team of environmental specialists, to support a wide range of planning applications including major urban and rural development projects and infrastructure projects.

Our forward planning service includes major masterplanning exercises for complex brownfield and green-field sites and the preparation of detailed submissions on Development Plans and LAPs, which have resulted in appropriate and beneficial planning policy frameworks for specific lands.

JSA have established an expertise in the preparation of Local Area Plans, Framework Plans, and Masterplans both for developers (due to a requirement of Development Plans / LAPs), and on behalf of Planning Authorities.

We have considerable experience in the preparation of planning appeals and responses to An Bord Pleanála, including providing expert advice at Oral Hearings.

John Spain Associates has established a reputation as a leading retail planning consultant in Ireland. The practice has been at the forefront of retail planning in Ireland since its inception in 1997 in both the public and private sectors. JSA have significant experience in delivering private sector retail developments and also in providing advice to local authorities on retail developments.
We have been involved in over 200 retail schemes located throughout Ireland. These include town centre developments, district centres, neighbourhood centres, retail warehouse developments, supermarkets, and discount food stores. We have prepared numerous expert retail impact statements in respect of these developments.

John Spain Associates provided planning consultancy advice to the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government in the preparation of the Retail Design Manual and have prepared retail strategies for a number of Planning Authorities.

John Spain Associates have particular expertise in acting as expert witness at planning hearings. The practice has represented clients at Oral Hearings held by An Bord Pleanála in relation to urban projects and major infrastructure projects, such as Dart Underground, Metro, and the Luas BX/D project. The practice took the lead in preparing detailed précis of evidence, coordinating consultants, presenting the evidence to the Board, and cross examination.


Committed to achieving our clients’ objectives

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