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At John Spain Associates (JSA), we foster a dynamic and collaborative work environment that embodies our core values of Professional Excellence and Client Commitment through our Knowledge & Experience.

Our people focused team thrives on innovation and strategic problem-solving, ensuring both professional growth and high-quality service.

We are dedicated to nurturing a forward thinking, supportive culture that values each member’s contributions and aspirations.

Join us to be part of a leading firm shaping Ireland’s urban landscape with expertise and creativity. Click here for Current Vacancies.

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Why work at JSA? 

John Spain Associates is the leading Planning consultancy in Ireland.

We offer Planners at all stages of their careers the opportunity to work on some of the most exciting and impactful projects in the country.

We offer a competitive salary, an excellent location close to major public transport lines and a generous pension plan.

We would love to hear from you. 



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Current vacancies

If you would like to contact us about the roles advertised here, please email:

John Spain Associates is an equal opportunities employer and seeks to encourage a diverse and inclusive workforce.

All roles are advertised on the JSA and ORS LinkedIn pages.

The JSA Graduate Programme 

Joining the JSA Graduate Programme offers an unparalleled opportunity to kickstart your career in Planning with hands-on experience in innovative projects. You'll work alongside industry experts, gaining valuable insights and mentorship that will shape your professional growth. The programme emphasises a collaborative environment, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills essential for sustainable urban development. Additionally, JSA's commitment to professional development ensures you'll be well-prepared to tackle the challenges of modern urban planning. You can learn more about some of the planners we have hired below.  

Deciding that this is right career for you can take time. Hearing from Planners at all stages of a career can help you make a better decision. 

If you have a question about our graduate programme, click on the button to contact the team lead of the graduate programme.

Our Graduate Planners

Planning is a career where you can see the effect of your work in a really tangible way. I wanted to be part of an industry that can positively influence our environment is a lasting and sustainable way.  

I completed an undergraduate degree in City Planning and Environmental Policy and pursued a masters degree in Regional and Urban Planning. 

It has a strong reputation in the Planning industry and is part of a wide range of influential and significant projects around Dublin. During my internship in JSA, the positive atmosphere made it an enjoyable place to work and made the decision to work here much easier.  


Building a career in Planning takes dedication and commitment to consistent learning. The career path of our Executive Director Luke Wymer, shows how continuous learning fuels a career in planning.  

After graduating from UCD with a BA in Archaeology & Geography in 2015, Luke advanced his education with an MRUP in 2017, an Advanced Diploma in Environmental & Planning Law in 2018, a diploma in Project Management in 2019, and a certificate in Environmental Management in 2020.

Starting in JSA as an intern in 2016, Luke transitioned to part-time work experience in 2017, leading to his role as a Graduate Planner that same year. By April 2018, he was promoted to Planner and then to Executive Planner in October 2018, also joining the RTPI Executive Committee. In 2019, he became a Senior Planner and a member of the IPI.

Luke's rapid rise continued with his promotion to Associate Director in January 2020 and Senior Associate Director later that year. By November 2023, he became Executive Director and, in 2024, joined the Policy, Practice and Research Committee of the RTPI.

Committed to achieving our clients’ objectives

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